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Hi! I'm running coach and personal trainer, Thad McLaurin. I'm also host of the popluar RunnerDude's Blog. Because of the success I've had using full-body fitness training with my running clients, I decided to write Full-Body Fitness for Runners to help other runners benefit from the exercises I've found to be so instrumental in building healthy runners. Full-Body Fitness for Runners will help any runner create a life-long healthy fitness and running plan.

In addition to the easy-to-follow workouts, you'll get before-, during-, and after-running nutrition tips from Olympian Jeff Galloway as well as fueling recipes from 15 running, nutrition, and fitness experts such as endurnace runner Dean Karnazes, Chi Running founder Danny Dreyer, and international yoga expert Sage Rountree.

Be sure to click on the "Exercise Sneak Peak" tab at the top of this page to learn more about the workouts and for some free exercise samples to download and/or print.

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